Greenhouse- Cape Town


Chefs Pete and Ash certainly do not lack creativity when it comes to plating and presentation. Yes, that’s not table décor you see in the picture.

We were in Cape Town for a work conference and we decided to extend our stay and explore the city’s culinary scene- first stop was Greenhouse.

We had the Greenhouse Experience Menu inspired by the Life and Death of Trees. The waitress who served us was well trained at explaining this whole trees thing and the plants that inspired each dish etc. but perhaps botany came at the expense of know-your-menu 101. For a fine establishment such as this, you don’t expect the waitress to argue and insist that veal is game!

We weren’t very impressed with the food, but we commend the chefs for concept. They stick to the theme of trees and help you understand the connection, so instead of this being just another tasting menu, you get to learn some interesting things about vegetation in the Cape (whether or not you retain this information is another story but adds to the 3 hour dining experience).

The setting is very intimate and is a perfect place for a romantic dinner, but maybe not a first date (nature is unpredictable who knows what could crawl out of your date’s log, plus a tasting menu goes on forever. What if your crush is a bore?). If you are looking for a different experience in the fine dining scene, this is it. As for us,  Santhuri is still not over the whole veal debate so it will be a while before we go back.

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