La Bouqueria- Johannesburg

La Bouqueria

Unpretentious elegance.

If you are looking for great food in an elegantly casual ambience then La Bouqueria is the place for you.

Ambience: Like its name, the restaurant gives you a sense of being somewhere exotic: from the friendly  security guard  proudly manning the door in his army inspired attire to the alluring artwork at the entrance.  Inside, the décor is simple yet elegant with soft lighting to help you forget all about the harsh glare of your computer screen.

Service: The relaxed atmosphere does not in anyway  translate to slow service. The staff are on hand to take you through the menu and ensure that they attend to your needs throughout the evening.

Cuisine: The Spanish reference is creatively crafted into the menu. The chef has taken classic dishes and added a modern twist.  Once you’ve tried the blistered Edamame ( with chilli and soya) you will not have your soybeans any other way.

We had the Paella Marisco and Drunken Pork Belly Kabob for mains and both were delicious.

If you are on a calorie count skip dessert and have double starters.

Drinks selection: The restaurant has a wide drinks menu however they didn’t have a few things in stock, but there is so much to choose from.

All in all- we had a pleasant evening and are already diarising a return visit.

Overall Rating: 4 out of 5 (only because they didn’t have a few of the items on their drinks menu)



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