White rabbit- Moscow

The adventure down this rabbit hole begins in trying to find the restaurant. It is located inside a small three storey mall, but we went round and round in circles for what seemed liked forever. It didn’t help that our booking was in the evening when most of the stores were closed and help was limited. Everything in Moscow opens late until you need to find your way to  number 23 of  The World’s 50 Best Restaurants’ having starved yourself all afternoon so you can try everything on the menu.

After almost 30 minutes we eventually found our way (it’s one of those where you have to take the lift to a certain floor then get off that lift and into another one around the corner). Once inside, the breathtaking city views and the perfectly timed attention from the staff will quickly convince you that the exercise was worth it. The staff really go out of their way to make sure you are comfortable.

The beautiful interior cleverly gives the Alice in Wonderland theme a contemporary and luxurious feel. Everything from the wall paper in the bathroom to the cute matryoshka doll that the bill comes in speaks to the name of the restaurant.

Unfortunately however the impressive décor, attention to detail and the staff’s professionalism were not matched by the food. Although it tasted good, the chef’s personality didn’t come through and well for that rating we expected the dishes to be awesome rather than just…good. Maybe being able to get a table one week ahead of our visit should have told us something.

Nonetheless we had a decent meal and enjoyed the setting. If you are looking for a fancy-looking tourist attraction to have dinner then this is the place (the patrons were mostly tourists when we were there, and our personal Muscovites tourguides a.k.a family refused to join us). They do have a dress code but we saw a group that looked like they had just finished a walking tour of the city so don’t re-arrange your itinerary just so you can have time to dress-up (unless you want to).

Overall Rating: 3 out of 5





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