St Petersburg

The best of both worlds! St. Petersburg is steeped in culture and at the same time offers nightlife as vibrant as the more cosmopolitan Moscow.

How I spent my days: I continued my Russian travels with my mom and niece.  We spent most of our days walking up and down Nevsky Prospek and explored whatever attractions we stumbled upon on that day. Thanks to technology wherever we got tired an Uber was never far and carried us back to our hotel.

We did a  private tour of the State Hermitage Museum, and this was just as well since the place is enormous. The favourite was the beautiful Peterhof Palace, which is about an hour’s drive from the city centre.



Look what I found: We did a lot of walking in St Petersburg, it’s so beautiful you want to keep walking to see what’s next. One afternoon we ended up on the rooftop bar at W Terrace at W St Petersburg. The vibe is amazing, I almost thought we were back in cosmopolitan Moscow and the views didn’t disappoint.

St Petersburg Boat Cruise

We also did the mandatory sightseeing cruise which none of us enjoyed. Half the time it was really hot and the other half we had to contend with  light showers (and a 100% of the time the other passengers had their umbrellas open so views were obstructed. It’s a different way to see the city but maybe a private boat would have been better than the sightseeing one).

We met some really nice people in St. Petersburg and spent a significant amount of time hunting for porcelain crockery. We went as far as the Imperial Porcelain Gallery and Factory shop. It’s quite far out and we got stuck in traffic but what else do you do when your mother wants to buy some plates.

St Petersburg Grey Building

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