Tapiana by Escondido- Johannesburg

We won’t even go into the concept of Tapas. With the number of Tapas restaurants around the city, this style of eating is clearly well known and loved in Johannesburg.

A few weeks back, we tried out Tapiana, a spin off from Illovo’s famous Escondido. For a Thursday night, the restaurant was not busy with just a few patrons. This is probably due to the not so popular location (It is located down a side road off Grayston, next to the Brazen Head) and the fact that it is a newly opened restaurant. We however, did not mind having the place largely to ourselves.

The space is great and you can even get a sneak peek into the kitchen whilst enjoying your meal. For those who are short sighted, don’t fear, your waiter will bring the menu to your table and explain what’s on offer.



Pic 1
Stairway to Heaven?

Now down to the food! Tapas are best enjoyed with a large group of people to allow you to try as many dishes as possible. We initially decided not to opt for any of the large bowls and ordered a number of plates to share. Most were really enjoyable with two clear winners, the pork belly spring rolls accompanied by chilli jam and the calamari. We will go back for these!

Later on we decided to try out the chicken in a bowl with spaetzle (German/Austrian egg noodle/pasta). This dish got mixed reviews from our table. Taste wasn’t bad, looks not so great. So if you don’t eat with your eyes first, definitely give it a go.

No meal is complete without dessert. The grapefruit marshmallow seemed interesting enough to try and we ordered some chocolate waffles. Both desserts were a bit underwhelming and we were all disappointed that there wasn’t a big enough portion of the grapefruit marshmallow. Rather opt for more of the savoury dishes.

Staff were attentive at all times and knowledgeable, letting us know  how much to order and what plates could be shared. We felt so comfortable and relaxed that the time ran away with us and we found ourselves closing the restaurant. The food, service and venue made for a great evening. We plan on going back to try other items as the menu evolves. Make your booking before there is a waiting list!

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