Wild horses- Harrismith

A good friend of mine and I wanted to take advantage of the Youth Day long weekend and spend some QT together. We wanted a place that would take care of all our needs whilst giving us the space to decide how we wanted to spend our weekend and we found all that in Wild Horses.


The place, set against the backdrop of the Sterkfontein Dam on one side and the Platberg Mountains on the other side, is absolutely beautiful.  They only have four rooms so the setup is very intimate.

After settling in and exploring our surrounding we spent the rest of the afternoon having drinks by the fire with the other guests while watching chef Vuyo preparing our dinner in the split-level kitchen (it really felt like we were visiting a friend’s house and casually chatting to her while she finishes up supper, except this friend is super fancy and has staff on hand to keep your glasses full). Words don’t begin to describe how tasty Vuyo’s food is (Wild Horses is not in any way diet friendly).


We spent two nights there, which was just the right amount of time. On our first full day, we woke up with the intention of going for a hike. That, however, didn’t materialise: between the over-indulging at breakfast and the icy cold weather we easily convinced each other to stay indoors instead (we still got to gaze at the beautiful view from our bedroom window though). We got a nice fire going, chose a couple of movies from their large selection and put in our order for lunch. They also have a number of books on offer but this was a girl chat weekend so we didn’t use the library at all.

We rounded the afternoon off with full body massages, they don’t have an in-house spa service but that won’t stop them from making the necessary arrangements for you.


This place is perfect for small group getaways and we’ve already started planning our return. Hopefully the second time around we’ll get to go on a boat ride and enjoy more of the scenery that Sterkfontein Dam has to offer.

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