PRON- Linden


Sometimes you just have one of those days when you have a craving and until it is satisfied you can’t get it off your mind. This was one of those days, we wanted oodles of noodles.

We had been wanting to try out People’s Republic of Noodles commonly known as PRON located in the leafy suburb of Linden. So what better place to go to get our noodle on. The restaurant is traditionally decorated and one of the first things you notice is the beautiful mural and the hanging lanterns. Some of you may be familiar with PRON’s other famous sister restaurant Red Chamber in Hyde Park Corner.

It was a weekday lunch so the place was empty but upon our arrival we were greeted by the friendly staff and made to feel very welcome. Our waitress suggested that we try some tapas and then share a bowl of noodles.

From the tapas menu we opted for the chilli lamb and the spicy brinjal salad followed by the Sichuan chilli chicken noodles. The lamb was good but a bit cold, the brinjal salad was the definitely the winner although it wasn’t spicy. We also tried the hand-break bread, yes you read it right break not baked. We didn’t initially order this but the manager insisted we try it. We would recommend having it as a nibble while you wait for your food; tastes very much like roti. We however were very hungry and pressed for time so we asked for dishes to be brought out as they were ready.


The noodles portion was large and if you ordered it by yourself, you most likely will have a take away bag. The taste was good, it had a kick but was not too spicy tempered by the peanut sauce.

The cost of our meal was around R320 for two people with soft drinks, a bit pricey considering we shared a main meal however we left feeling very satisfied and were especially pleased with the warm service.

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