Copia Luxury Eco Cabins- Views on views on views

There’s something about gazing at a beautiful sunset that makes you feel all sorts of emotions from gratitude to serenity, and at Copia Eco Cabins you can do this from any room. Copia Eco Cabins currently consists of three old shipment containers converted into beautiful luxury accommodation on a farm in BotRivier. When making our way there we initially missed the entrance to the farm, which is just as well because on our way back we got a clear view of all three cabins. We can confirm that even with all three booked you will not even notice that you have neighbours.




The outside is unassuming yet the inside absolutely beautiful. The decor is minimalist yet stunning and perfectly complements the unending views of the mountains. The place is so gorgeous that we could barely put our bags down before we got out the cameras and started snapping away- can you blame us for wanting to preserve the beauty forever?



The attention to detail doesn’t stop at the decor and personalised welcome note. Soon after our arrival the owner, Lucas, came knocking at the door to welcome us and make sure we had everything we needed to make our stay comfortable. Back to the decor: perfect balance between exposed pipes, natural wood and neutral colours throughout the cabin must be honoured with countless bathroom selfies so we did exactly what that required of us.



The cabins are self-catering, and although Santhuri and I aren’t often found in the kitchen, I was inspired to channel my inner Nigella and boil some water on the stove for a nice cup of tea. I’m proud to say it was a good cuppa. Still feeling like superwoman, I took on the challenge of making a fire and succeeded after only three attempts. Where was Santhuri while I was playing both domestic goddess and handyman you ask? I suspect she snuck away to take more pics of our cabin.



We thoroughly enjoyed our time away from the city and only have one regret, we both forgot to pack bathing suits and thus couldn’t try out the wood-fired hot tub. I guess we just have to go back to Copia (to be honest my bag is already half packed for our second visit).



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