Love Me So- Best Ramen in Johannesburg

There is something about a ramen bowl that gets my mouth watering, it’s the combination of that tasty broth, the noodles (I do love carbs) and tender pieces of meat. So what better way to spend a chilly Thursday evening than devouring some at Love Me So.

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The restaurant is located in Melville, but the space and décor made us feel as though we were sitting in one of those trendy ramen spots in New York. The unpainted walls and interesting murals make for a pleasing environment whilst you tuck in. The menu has  a mix of Chinese, Korean, Japanese food and even has an Hawaiian influence with poke bowls on offer

We decided that we would leave the poke bowl for a warm summer day and started off with some Izakayas which actually means traditional Japanese taverns offering small dishes for snacking, what we would generally call tapas. It was recommended that we order about 4 plates between the two of us. We decided to sample Jaga Bata, the Shitake and Tofu pancakes (this was a firm favourite), prawn gyoza and we had to include some edamame which was sweet and spicy, glazed in soy sauce.

Do not be fooled by the name referring to small dishes, we were quickly getting full and if you don’t have a big appetite, I would definitely say that this would comfortably satisfy  you taste buds and your tummy.

For mains, I went for the Pork Tonkotsu bowl, the broth was flavourful, the noodles tasty and the meat perfectly tender. Charmaine opted for a Beef Korean BBQ which can either be cooked in the kitchen or if shared between two, you get to grill it yourself.

No meal is complete without dessert and the manager Joe had recommended that we must try the black sesame ice cream. I am glad we did, the ice cream has condensed milk which gave it a richness and uniqueness with the combination of other flavours. Charmaine is not a lover of condensed milk, so I did what any friend would do and finished her portion. Tough life, hey!

Our meal was completed with some vanilla tea, which was the perfect ending to the evening. So what did we think overall?

The service is friendly, all the dishes were explained and staff are eager to recommend dishes that will tantalise the palate. The size portions are filling and you will definitely not walk away hungry. I cannot forget to mention that Love Me So is also known for its amazing cocktails. Those suggested for our tastes were the Nagasaki Racing Snake and the Hidden Dragon. They even carry an awesome Kombucha brand which doesn’t taste as pungent as the traditional one.

I am going to stop writing now because I am sure that I have made you drool and just say that if you want great food and cocktails and the best ramen in town, head on over to Love Me So!

And in their words as well as ours Good Vibes only!





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