Perron Melville

What do you do when you are feeling ravenous on a slow Friday afternoon- you want something that you know will hit the spot and at the same time you’d like to try something new? Our solution came in the recently (okay not so recently, but it’s less than a year old) opened Perron in Melville.

Being big fans of the Illovo branch we were hopeful that the food would be everything we needed in a meal and more- and since we had not been to one in Melville before this qualified as trying something new.

Given that it was a Friday afternoon, the restaurant was quiet but we didn’t mind this at all: we were there to tuck in. On entry, we were greeted by beautiful décor- the same pink and blue hues that we recognise but with a different twist. The murals on the walls and leather couches add a contemporary feel to the place and we really enjoyed the personalisation: from the table tops to the hot sauces.

For starters we decided to go with our tried and tested favourite: Jenny Chow and something new: Mexican Street Porn. Perron hands down makes the best nachos ever and the Mexican Street Porn, I could eat nothing else but this for the rest of my life (I’ve been smacking and licking my lips all day long like a weirdo because I just can’t stop thinking about that corn, mmmmm. I love a dish that has just the right amount of chilli!).

It could be that we looked like we knew what we wanted out of life but we didn’t get much guidance from staff on deciding what to order. So for mains we once again remained loyal to our favourite: the fish taco, and also tried the lamb taco and the pork belly. I must say the fish taco has some serious competition for the spot of favourite. The lamb taco was amazing!

Quiet or not Perron Melville did not disappoint and gave us the tasty food its sister restaurant has been dishing for years! Even with our bellies full, we still couldn’t resist desert. Santhuri had the churros and she looked like she was in heaven. I don’t have much of a sweet tooth so I opted for the arancini, which was just what I needed to finish off the meal.

It’s nice for us to know that Perron is more or less like Coca Cola: tastes the same wherever you go.


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