Jordan part 3- Petra the Rose City

Aljoun, Mount Nebo and Kerak
We visited more castles: Aljoun and Kerak, most of which were once again blind excursions with little information. If you’re ever planning a trip to Jordan its important that you are able to get guides wherever you go. Although at some places, like Pella for instance, these services are just not available.
Alternatively maybe invest time in reading about the sites before you get there so you have an idea of what is going on.
At Mt. Nebo (said to be the place where Moses was given a view of the Promised Land) we yet again didn’t have an official guide due to some misunderstanding. This site is better labelled  and has information placards in English and were we able to understand things on our own.
Petra was everything we expected and more. More walking that is. According to our phone step counter we walked a total of 22km and that for us is a lot. And all this in the scorching desert heat. Lady luck once again showed favour on us and we had a really great guide to accompany us.
Entering the city via the narrow, winding canyon was an absolute pleasure as the walls provided some shade and natural air conditioning. We were advised to go first thing in the morning.  Walking through this canal we got a glimpse of how the ancient Nabateans lived, where they worshipped and celebrated special occasions and buried their dead.
At the end of  this approximately 1 km walk is the Treasury, being accountants we were looking forward to seeing this.  We soon learnt that the Treasury was actually  built as a mausoleum, it is called the Treasury because it is believed that some thieves hid their treasures there. None of this treasure has been discovered yet.
All the buildings in this city are carved into the rocks. The only way to get around is by foot or donkey. As a result of a combination of sympathy for the donkeys and being too ambitious, we decided to explore the city on foot.
By the time we made it out of the canal and passed the Treasury it was well after noon and the sun was out in full force. Regardless we decided to make the journey to the Monastery by foot. This was the longest climb up the steeped hill either of us as ever undertaken.  It was a tough climb but the view was worth it.
Wadi Rum
We chose not to spend a night in a Bedouin Tent in the desert. Although Wadi Rum is beautiful we did not regret this decision. It seemed like a great experience but we probably would have spent the night being uncomfortable. We nonetheless enjoyed the few hours we spent there on our way back to Amman.

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