Beyoncé and Jay-Z in Paris

Paris is always a good idea- especially in the summer.

photo 10

I decided to give myself an early birthday present and booked tickets to see Beyoncé and Jay-Z on their On The Run Tour in Paris.

I absolutely love Paris ( who doesn’t ) and I’m crazy about the Carters ( who isn’t) so this trip was destined to blow my mind and it did just that. Fortunately I have a friend who is just as loyal a member of the beehive as I am and couldn’t pass up the opportunity either.

We started our trip a few days before the show and used the time to forget about Joburg’s cold winter and soak up all that Paris has to offer ( translation shop, eat, pretend to be Art Buffs and then eat some more). It was my friend’s first time in Paris so we also managed to visit a few must see monuments in the city.

We stayed at a really nice boutique hotel called Hotel Square, which is centrally located yet in a quiet enough neighbourhood. Their restaurant is popular and gets quite vibey for dinner.

We did a waking food tour of the Marais. The guide was really informative and took us to all the most amazing places that a tourist would struggle to find. She’s an American who relocated to Paris about two years ago so it was nice to have a guide that could relate. The tour took us to the best place to buy things like croissants, cured meat, cheeses and wine. It ended at a food market where the guide then put out a spread of all the goodies we had collected in the two hours and what a delectable feast !

The day of the show, we practically died. Hands down the best 120 minutes ever. It was everything we’d hoped and more. I literally have no words. I can only look forward to the next time.

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