Hello and welcome to our blog! We met as colleagues and developed a friendship after discovering our shared passion for all things travel, food and entertainment. Our days are spent working in Finance but most of our spare time is dedicated to experiencing new adventures.

We are Johannesburg based but our blog is aimed at professionals around the globe. We understand the demands of work and the challenge in finding the optimal balance. It is for this reason that our posts are deliberately short, we don’t want you to spend even more time behind that computer screen but rather out there sharing our experiences.

We are new to the blogging world, sometimes we will venture out on our own and sometimes together. We nevertheless hope that you will enjoy this journey with us.  If you would like to get in touch, contact us at beyondofficehours@gmail.com or follow us on instagram beyondofficehours 

Charmaine & Santhuri

Disclosure: At times we may be hosted by restaurants, hotels or event providers. Our reviews will however remain honest.